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N1 Technologies Inc. - ( NTCHF )
At $.008 NTCHF is trading right near 6 month lows with a 70MIL Float and a Market Cap of ~$1.8MIL.  There is nothing like buying plays with Great Charts and Quick Strike Potential, but it is the 2Q15 Sales of ~$436K and 2015 Guidance that has the market even more buzzed concerning NTCHF

NTCHF has grown exponentially as they capture market share and product lines in the Nano Engineered Space, namely High-End Automotive Oils and Lubes and Patented Engine, Solar, and Optic Technologies. Their R&D has now given them increasing automotive and other market access as Patents have been trickling in.
  NanoSave (http://www.nanosavetechnologies.com/), their R&D arm, works in a
  number of distinct areas including, Automotive, Plastics, Batteries, Coatings and
  now Organics. The first Organic product to emerge from the R&D division is
  NanoSave N1 Organic Motor Oil. This revolutionary motor oil is made from
  bio-degradable plant oils and infused with tungsten and carbon nanotubes.

Let's look at the exciting basis of what makes NTCHF so great at these relatively cheap prices - the Financials and New Technologies:

On 8/5, N1 Technologies Inc. Posted 2015 2nd Quarter ResultsNTCHF Recorded 2Q15 Sales of ~$436K compared to ~$24K for 1Q14, a Drastic Increase. 
How do they intend to keep the trend going?
  • Their CEO stated, "We are completely focused on our Intellectual Property portfolio, and development of productivity and cost reduction strategies that drive strong margin expansion and earnings growth.  This enables continued investment in our established brands, supply chain, and sales and distribution capabilities. All combined to drive sustainable revenue and earnings growth." On a reported basis, net revenues were $436,583 up 1700% over the previous year. 
What is their Outlook for 2015?
  • For 2015, NTCHF expects Organic Net Revenue growth of at least 20% and Adjusted Operating Income margin of approximately 18%.
  • "Our continued effort to grow our Sales Force and create new relationships with retailers, distributors and corporate partners is expected to double by Q4 2015. Additionally rapid expansion in our R&D pipeline continues to provide future branding and marketing opportunities," stated CEO Steve Lovern.

NTCHF is a leader in NanoTechnology Research, Manufacturing and Marketing. The company is engaged in the development and distribution of High Performance Nano Engineered products, across diverse industries. NanoSave N1 the company's full line of Nano Engineered Super Oils & Lubes is sold worldwide and is rapidly gaining market share among Auto Enthusiasts. The company moved its’ Headquarters to Belize City, Belize in early 2015, and began trading company shares on the OTC market under the trading symbol NTCHF. The company operates in the U.S. from the executive offices of NanoSave Technologies based in Daytona Florida USA, the home of NASCAR and the Daytona 500. NanoSave Technologies, a wholly owned research & development firm is focused on developing new advanced innovations for future commercialization
N1 Technologies is actively perusing various relationships within the Automotive and industrial lubricants arena as part of its’ NanoSave N1 motor oil marketing strategy. The company has expanded into Solar Energy production, Nano Engineered Batteries, Nano Plastics, and Nano Glass. N1 Technologies Inc. and its’ subsidiary companies are positioned to manufacture and market these revolutionary technologies to the World.


By looking on their home site at http://n1technologies.com/ traders can become acquainted with the different Oil, Lube, Coating Products, and More as well as their advanced stage projects like Dynamicon Solar Kinetic Energy, Osiris Optical Systems, and Velocitron Engines.  

From Injection Plastics, Home and Kitchen, Organics, Glass, and more, NTCHF has a Booming List of Nano Engineered Products to facilitate sales growth and market penetration. 

Let's look at the recent developments concerning their patent progress:

  • The company has filed for a Patent on its Osiris Optium Camera System. NanoSave Technologies the company's R&D arm designed the advanced observation platform. Osiris Optium has Military, commercial and Satellite Imaging capabilities that far exceed currently available technology.
  • What can it do? The camera array features 102 sixteen mega pixel cameras, each fitted with a 10 step optical zoom.  
  • How does it work? The 102 separate cameras feed a 1632 mega pixel data stream to 10 K-Band transmitters. The ultra light weight array can fit into almost all existing camera mounts and housings with little modification. On the ground the image is divided into 2 images that are processed by a mosaic program and outputted in 3D. The video image is captured as 4K Ultra High Definition Video, providing a new level of visual capabilities.  The raw video data in processed via sophisticated Virtual Reality software and outputted to VR headsets and 4K UHD Video walls. An Advanced Gesture Menu allows operators to zoom in or out and move around in the crystal clear super real environment.  Any point in the image can be tagged with a GPS locator for pinpoint ground location. 
  • "We feel the uses for the new Osiris Optium Camera System are endless. This system provides users with a big tool box," says CEO Steve Lovern.  The Osiris Optium brand is a product of the company's new initiative to venture into new cutting edge research and technologies.  The Osiris Optium System and the company's patented Velocitron Engine , an advanced electric generator built into current gas engines eliminating the need for an external generator, are being fast tracked for prototyping and production.

On 4/13, N1 Technologies Inc. Patented Nano Marine Coating (www.TungstenHullCoat.com) in preparation to excel in the Florida and Gulf Coast Marine Scenes.

  • NTCHF has filed a patent for the company's revolutionary "Tungsten Hull Coat" marine paint additive.
  • NanoSave™ Tungsten Hull Coat provides equivalent performance to traditional anti-foulants, but is a completely metal free nano scale Tungsten additive that creates a lower Bio-accumulation profile. Tungsten is the slickest substance known today and when refined to the nano-scale it is unmatchable in it's friction reducing capabilities. 
  • "We have seen dramatic performance increases on large Yachts and the hulls are easy to clean,  saving our customers time and money," says CEO Steve Lovern.  SuperYacht News a global Yachting magazine reported, The addition of Tungsten nanofullerenes into hull paint, the manufacturer claims, reduces the friction of water molecules against the hull, increasing glide through the water when the boat is at speed, while the slick surface provides no purchase for marine growth to adhere to.  The company has painted a number of Super Yachts since 2013 and has seen strong repeat business. "There are more Yacht basins in Florida and the Gulf coast than you can count and we intend to be a leader in marine coatings," adds Steve Lovern CEO.  The company uses the tag line, Resistance Is Futile.
  • The Velicitron Engine is a revolutionary new electric generator concept for small (1-4) cylinder gas engines. The Velocitron Engine is a Vertical Reciprocal Electric Generator, that is integral to the engine and produces copious amounts of D.C. power without the need for a separately attached generator. 
  • N1 Technologies Inc. is developing a new Lithium Tungsten Battery called the NanoBolt Battery (http://NanoBoltBattery.com). The company envisages future hybrid vehicles using the Velocitron Engine concept and the NanoBolt Battery in conjunction to advance the state of the art of hybrid technology. 
At $.008, this play has shown Impressive Sales Growth pushing the annualized trend in the millions, yet the stock is sitting near 6-Month Lows. Given future guidance and patent growth, this may be an opportunity to pick up some NTCHF. Take a Look at the Daily Chart:
  • Tuesday saw 2-Month+ Highs in Shares Traded, a sign of increasing action.
  • Accumulation Spiked Up.
  • MACD is Turning Up which could set up a near-term catalyst/pop.
  • The 3 Major SMA's are huddled at $.0154 - $.0169 - $.0172 for the 20-200-50 respectively.

A run to these 3 Points would just be getting back to Recent Support Levels, but it offers a potential quick-strike Return of 92-115%
That could set the stage for a move back to May-July Trading Ranges at ~$.03 for a possible Gain of 275%.
NTCHF has shown the Sales Growth, Guidance, Patents, Diverse Products, and Ambition that we love to see. The trade is showing great and very feasible upside given recent trading channels, so we had to let you know about it. Please remember to trade prudently. We hope you enjoy NTCHF!
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