TPHX - Tanaris Power Holdings Inc

Tanaris Power Holdings Inc. (TPHX)



Tesla shares continue to soar since they announced their plan to put lithium batteries in every home.


As it happens, TPHX was already making giant strides in the lithium power world behind the scenes . . . let mighty Tesla beware.


Lithium buzz has already turned TPHX into a $47 million phenomenon with huge partners like United Airlines eager to try its batteries.  

That’s a long way from a “back of the napkin” start-up, but it’s still ground floor territory compared to Elon Musk’s billion-dollar baby.

And that’s where we come in. While TPHX has been riding a 200% wave over the last few months, the price is mighty low by Tesla standards.

That said, our window on the TPHX ground floor is rising fast:


What’s stunning about that 200% leap from $0.24 one mere month ago is that it ran the bases BEFORE Elon Musk even opened his mouth. 


Say what you want about that guy, he knows how to get Wall Street grabbing any angle on whatever brainchild he’s hatching at the moment.

Tesla is taking its batteries out of cars and into houses? TPHX bought a lithium battery maker months ago.


TPHX is even working with vehicle retrofit shops to get its batteries under the hood of working diesel fleets . . . a market Musk would sniff at.

United Airlines has already agreed to try the system out in its baggage cars as it tries to switch from fossil fuel to electric motors.

A win could obviously open up a game-changing relationship for TPHX, especially in a world where electric planes are just over the horizon.

Musk isn’t thinking that high, at least as far as I can see. But with Musk pointing traders’ eyes to lithium power, the buzz is getting louder.


Lithium is more than laptop batteries now. It’s becoming a $19 billion market . . . and TPHX is right there on the scene.

Look back up at that chart. TPHX was already riding high before Musk promised he’d take his batteries outside Tesla cars.


The RSI is now far from overbought while hanging tough above the 50-point “rally” line. That’s a BULLISH signal.

MACD has kept climbing into fresh bull trend territory, coiling the TPHX screw tighter for eventual release. Again, BULLISH.

Volume went through the roof about two weeks ago and has yet to really return to its old lackluster levels. Can volume lead price? BULLISH!

And now that lithium is in the news, I think TPHX can get more than its share of catalyst to recharge its action. That kicks us up to VERY BULLISH.


How often do we get to trade a pure proxy on the Tesla miracle at a tiny fraction of the price? That’s what TPHX gives us tomorrow morning.

The party’s already started . .  . with plenty of room left to run. It’s just waiting for that opening bell to ring and for us to arrive.




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FREE - FreeSeas Inc.

Good Morning,

I know the old saying "good things in life are not free" but in this case
they are and FREE is going crazy pre market because its not often you
get to see a NASDAQ listed play trading in the sub .10 range.

Granted, FREE is already up and trading pre market I think the action is
just getting started on this bottom bounce monster:

  RSI - Trending up in a BULLISH pattern
Price - Coming of off 52 week lows & trending up
MACD - Under the zero line, big uptrend potential
Acc/Dist - At rock bottom & bullish cross over signal.

The biggest positive here, is that FREE is a NASDAQ trading not just under
a buck like we saw last week but under .20 currently pre market.

You remember last week right? I showed you a .73 play that ran over

Well FREE closed at .07 yesterday... that's right under .10 and is currently
as I type this trending up double that price with massive volume.

So... the magic question you will ask... how high will it go...

You know, I have no idea, but the last technical resistance point is at the
50ma which is at .18, once that is tackled then price level wise .269 is in
the spot light.

Get over that range and FREE could really become FREE as it will turn into
a parabolic monster.

Start your research on FREE right away, trade wise and enjoy.


 Stockchat LLC has not r.eceived any form of c.ompensation for the a.wareness of F.REE

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VMRI - Valmie Resources Inc

Valmie Resources Inc. (VMRI)

You remember VMRI: they make DRONES, those little “military” helicopters that the FAA just cleared for BIG commercial applications.


So now that everybody from Amazon to FedEx is getting the green light to fly, the GOLD RUSH to sell them the drones is ON!


VMRI already hit the ground running with NEWS, NEWS, NEWS. And now the chart is already looking more than a little oversold:




The last time VMRI let its RSI drift to 30 and bounce back, traders got to ride a 48% rally . . . never any guarantee, but it’s a nice number!


And with the 200-day line way up around $1.40, there’s room for a similar lift and MORE if the cards stack up right.


Remember, drones are already a $13 BILLION business that should add up above $82 BILLION in the next 10 years, according to the latest stats.  


That hasn’t changed. VMRI still has corporate contracts lining up and acquisition targets jumping onto its hook. Let’s review:


  • The drone story is obviously set up to be one of the next revolutions of our age. AMAZON, FEDEX and GOOGLE are thinking about delivering your package with tiny helicopters, what’s next?


  • VMRI’s edge is actually its software. They’re looking at patenting their drone intelligence systems even as we speak. Smarter drones that drive themselves and LEARN are obviously pretty special.


  • But you can’t show off your system if you don’t have the hardware. VMRI bought drone maker Vertitek to take its tech off the drawing board and in front of prospective customers! (Read more)



Bottom Line: I said it before and I’ll say it again: drones are hot stuff. Funding is up 100% over last year and every talking head wants to play.


VMRI remains a bona fide pure play. And the market just gave us a chance to play it down here at barely $1 . . . provided the chart cooperates.


Did I mention that management here just got invited to go to CHINA to talk about full mass production and maybe a little more M&A action?


You don’t talk like that unless you’re serious about vertical lift off! But evidently VMRI is not only serious but spinning up seriously FAST.


Hot industry, headline friendly. Growing at breakneck speed. That’s the VMRI we already know. Now the shares are OVERSOLD as well!


So dig in, start scanning the news wire for updates. And be ready for VMRI.



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Greetings, Trader!

Between the analyst chatter and an ongoing 3-digit bull run, every red-blooded trader should have SPRY Inc. (SPYR) on his radar.

And as of NOW, SPYR is set up roughly where it was when it started making truly spectacular moves -- this is the time to get to know this play!

Load that chart and you’ll see what I mean:


The market chatter has been getting hot and bothered over SPYR since new management came onboard a few months back.


But the real trigger for the bulls was when SPYR dipped close to technical oversold . . . around 30 on the RSI . . . and opened the entry window.

Since then, SPYR has been UNSTOPPABLE. The shortest move delivered 60%. Those who played it long MULTIPLIED their win.

Even the recent dip opened up a near-90% bounce! And now the RSI is exactly where it was before that move . . . right around 30!


But what has the analysts all riled up on SPYR?

  • Once upon a time, SPYR was a food company and nobody cared. Some high-powered hires later, they’ve got a network of high-tech properties and even bigger plans ahead.

  • SPYR websites are all over the place but I like how they’re catchy names people can remember: for cooks, for eaters, for beautiful people, for sweat.

  • Then you got the SPYR game, which they announced a little while back and pushed onto the Apple app store within weeks. They’re real excited about the possibility that this thing goes huge.

  • Analyst after analyst after analyst is getting awful excited about SPYR. I wonder if that’s where the 3-digit ride has come from. The suits bang the table, the stock jumps? Clearly it’s not bad for “awareness.

Bottom Line: Now we know this stock can touch within a penny of $1 per share, those analyst targets don’t look quite so outrageous.


From here it looks like SPYR has a dizzying amount of head room to “go back and fill” before it even comes close to the implied ceiling.

And with SPYR now as oversold as when it launched the near-90% rally . . . much less the 3-digit bender . . . can you really pass up a trade like this?




Stockchat LLS has received four thousand dollars via a bank wire for the awareness of SPYR from a third party Action Media Holdings.

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PMCB - PharmaCyte Biotech Inc.


PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB)



Biotech plays are in hot demand on Wall Street for a simple reason: these companies are where the top brains are solving big money diseases.

I’m talking massive medical opportunities like cancer ($100B) and diabetes ($245B), chances to build a pharma empire from the ground up.

Along the way, of course, there are plenty of shots at quicker glory . . . which is exactly where PMCB comes leaping back onto my screen.

As you recall from its last bull run for us, PMCB has taken a potential CURE FOR DIABETES through its first pre-clinical trial. (Read more)

That’s incredibly ambitious for any 0.15 start-up, but in the here and now I want you to look at the technical situation forming on PMCB:




The tight channel PMCB has explored in the last couple weeks has created a platform for the next move . . . reminiscent of back in March, right before the PPS lifted off on a 3-digit bull run.

Of course it takes a signal for any market rocket to blast. That’s where the biotech buzz comes to the table. As you recall, the skeleton key to PMCB’s technology is putting “good” cells in a tiny box where they can go into the body and release tumor-killing drugs right where they’re needed.

Find the right cells and in theory PMCB can cure cancer, repair a sick diabetic pancreas, you name it. They already proved in the lab that the cell boxes work, and that pre-clinical trial shows that they’re safe to implant in living animals.

One tiny demonstration of how important this technology might be: PMCB has official FDA “orphan” status to try its boxes out on pancreatic cancer. The average orphan drug that makes it through the process is worth $1B . . . no surprise big pharma execs are happy to get a piece of the action.

And no wonder the analysts are jumping all over each other to assign some brain-meltingly high targets on what PMCB may actually be worth. That one I linked to tells a 4-digit story!

Analyst coverage? Extreme price targets? FDA perks? Big pharma talent crowding the board? It looks to me like PMCB has a lot of the puzzle pieces to become one of those gigantic biotech companies you read about in Barrons.


But unlike those companies, PMCB is still available in 0.01 increments instead of multiple Benjamins per share. But talk about ground floor rising! Remember, every tiptoe toward the clinic unlocks value.

The clock is ticking. The base has been established. It’s time to see PMCB strut its stuff!









Stockchat LLC has received four thsnd dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of  PMCB from a third party Action Media Holdings.


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